Neuropharmagen® is a breakthrough in pharmacogenetics that helps to identify the safest and most appropriate psychotropic medication for each patient, by analyzing their DNA. It provides the most extensive genetic-based information on drug efficacy, metabolism and adverse effects.
Neuropharmagen® helps reduce the time spent searching for the most effective treatment choices unique to each patient. This allows for a faster stabilization of patients and better quality of life..

How does it work?

Neuropharmagen® testing is carried out on a saliva sample:

  • DNA markers of efficacy, optimal dosage and adverse effects are analyzed.
  • A series of specific recommendations are provided based on the test results, to help the physician choose the most appropriate choices for each patient.
Dr. Antonio Russi
Head Neurologist at the Teknon Medical Centre Epilepsy Unit in Barcelona
"50% of patients with epilepsy have problems with their treatment. There are a dozen useful drugs for this chronic disease but trying them all out can be a lengthy process and so it is important to have biological markers to help us find the right one. With Neuropharmagen, we can predict, for example, that a certain drug will create toxicity in the patient and foresee what effect each drug will have on the patient’s...
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True success stories
GAD / aged 50

GAD is a 50 year-old woman who has resistant depression and responds poorly to treatment, with poor metabolism of the various drugs that she has tried up to now.
Her psychiatrist recommended her to take the Neuropharmagen test and the results led to improved treatment by identifying the most suitable drugs for her particular genetic profile: in this case, dosages of Citalopram and Topiramate were adjusted.
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