Who we are: AB-Biotics
Neuropharmagen has been developed by AB-BIOTICS, a leading Spanish biotech company. The firm focuses on researching, developing and distributing unique proprietary biotechnology solutions that contribute to improving people’s health and welfare. Thanks to its innovative philosophy and inbred know-how, AB-BIOTICS has a portfolio of cutting-edge products that can both provide health benefits to patients and help reduce healthcare costs.

The functioning of the human brain is poorly understood. Pharmacogenetics is the study of how each person unique genetic makeup affect the way they respond and metabolize to drugs and the likelihood of experiencing adverse effects. Neuropharmagen’s commitment is to provide the latest advances in pharmacogenetics  to help physicians determine the best medication choices for people with neurological or psychiatric disorders .
AB-Biotics S.A.

Campus UAB – Edifici Eureka . P2 M1.1
08193 Bellaterra
T. 900 102 016