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Neuropharmagen Core is a genetic test that helps to identify the safest and most suitable medication for each individual, thereby leading to quicker patient stabilization.

Neuropharmagen helps you to:
Analyze drug response
Define dosage at an individual level
Reduce the appearance of adverse side effects
Research conducted in recent decades has shown that drug response may be conditioned up to 85% by genetic factors depending on the drug in question. From the genetic point of view, we all differ and such differences contribute to each person responding to drugs in a different way".
Psychiatrist at Ramon y Cajal Hospital, Madrid
Deciding treatment changes in 57% of our study sample not based on a trial-and-error approach or serendipity ,but on objective supporting data from this test gives great peace of mind to the psychiatrist in his daily practice.
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True success stories
GAD / aged 50

GAD is a 50 year-old woman who has resistant depression and responds poorly to treatment, with poor metabolism of the various drugs that she has tried up to now.
Her psychiatrist recommended her to take the Neuropharmagen test and the results led to improved treatment by identifying the most suitable drugs for her particular genetic profile: in this case, dosages of Citalopram and Topiramate were adjusted.
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The data provided by the test results in a series of recommendations and guidelines that help doctors select the most appropriate medication and thus manage to stabilize the patient.

According to the results of a Satisfaction Survey conducted among physicians:

- Doctors have changed treatment in 8 out of 10 patients in response to the results of Neuropharmagen testing and 83% of patients have noticed an improvement following the change of treatment.

- 91% of physicians consider applying Neuropharmagen on their patients is helpful and 96% intend to continue to use Neuropharmagen.